Bleached vs Unbleached Cones: A Manufacturer’s Guide

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While navigating the diverse world of pre-rolled cones, consumers and businesses alike are left to try and determine the differences for bleached vs unbleached cones. Both variants have found their rightful place within the cannabis industry, and each brings with them distinct attributes.

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Below, we’ll delve into the key differences between bleached vs unbleached cones to help you decipher which option best fits with your personal preferences or business needs.

Bleached Pre-Rolled Cones

These little guys are pretty popular, especially if you’re into that sleek, white, and professional look. They burn evenly, which is a huge plus, and honestly, they just look neat and tidy, especially if you’re sharing a session with friends or at a more formal gathering. But here’s a little heads-up for the flavor purists among us: there’s always been a bit of chatter in the cannabis community about how the bleaching process maybe, just maybe, could alter the flavor a touch.

So while these cones are undeniably sharp in appearance and user-friendly, if you’re all about keeping those authentic cannabis flavors front and center, you might want to peek at some unbleached options too.

When trying to make a choice between bleached vs unbleached cones, just make sure it vibes with your customer’s preferences.


  • Color: Exhibits a crisp white appearance.
  • Burn: Often boasts an even burn due to its homogeneous structure.
  • Taste: Paper type can potentially influence the flavor profile of the cannabis.


  1. Aesthetic Consistency: Bleached cones present a clean, uniform look that many users find visually appealing.
  2. Enhanced Visibility: The light color allows easier inspection of the burn and smoke.
  3. Customer Familiarity: Resembles the traditional appearance of cigarettes, which might be more acceptable to some consumers.


  1. Chemical Concerns: The bleaching process incorporates chemicals, sparking health and environmental apprehensions.
  2. Taste Alteration: The bleaching agents might subtly interfere with the pureness of the cannabis flavor.
  3. Sustainability Issues: Often perceived as less eco-friendly due to the additional processing involved.

Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones

Unbleached cones often sport a more rustic and earthy appearance, and they stand as the champion for those who prioritize keeping the genuine, unaltered flavors of their cannabis front and center. 

As they skip the bleaching process, they appeal to those with concerns about our environment, but also ensure that no external factor tweaks or modifies the authentic taste of your chosen strain. Ideal for purists and environmentally-conscious consumers alike, unbleached cones become a straightforward pathway to enjoying cannabis in a manner that’s as unadulterated and true to its roots as possible.


  • Color: Possesses a natural, brownish hue.
  • Burn: It may showcase a slightly inconsistent burn in certain instances.
  • Taste: Tends to offer a truer, uncompromised flavor.


  1. Purity: Free from additional chemicals used in the bleaching process, ensuring a more natural experience.
  2. Eco-Friendliness: Generally considered more sustainable and environmentally benign.
  3. Authentic Flavor: The absence of bleaching agents allows the genuine flavor of cannabis to shine.


  1. Visual Inconsistency: Exhibits a varied, organic look that might lack the uniformity of bleached cones.
  2. Burn Irregularity: Occasionally, it might burn unevenly due to the natural fibers’ inconsistent density.
  3. Limited Appeal: The untraditional appearance might be less preferred by certain market segments.

Environmental Impact of Bleached vs Unbleached Cones:

Health & Environment:

  • Bleached Cones: Using chemicals in the bleaching process can raise legitimate health and environmental concerns, emphasizing the necessity for thorough regulatory adherence and transparent manufacturer communication. You may have heard that bleached rolling papers are harmful, but this is somewhat overblown. Zig-Zag has cited some competitors who may use harmful chemical additives during their bleaching processes, but as long as you’re using a reputable paper company – you shouldn’t have to worry about health or safety concerns. This is also why we hold Zig-Zag in such high regard at STM Canna.
  • Unbleached Cones: Widely recognized for their purity and reduced environmental impact, these stand out as the go-to for health-conscious and eco-friendly consumers.

User Experience:

  • Bleached Cones: While they might offer a smoother burn, the potential alteration in flavor can be a drawback for connoisseurs seeking an authentic cannabis experience.
  • Unbleached Cones: Prioritized by purists and those who advocate for sustainability, even with the occasional sacrifice of an imperfect burn. Unbleached rolling papers certainly have a “natural” connotation to them and can appeal more to the health conscious cannabis user.

Guiding Your Choice: Bleached vs Unbleached Cones

In mapping out your ideal pre-rolled cone path, consider the following:

  • Consumer Preferences: Identify the preferences and priorities of your target demographic.
  • Brand Alignment: Ensure the chosen cone type synchronizes with your brand’s ethos and commitments.
  • Regulatory Adherence: Ensure all products comply with relevant regulations and quality standards.

The differences with bleached vs unbleached cones extends beyond mere aesthetics, plunging into realms of taste, sustainability, and consumer health. Consumers may appreciate both options of course, balancing visual allure against natural purity and weighing uniform consistency against ecological impact.

Here at STM Canna, we’re more than just a pre-roll automation company – we’re a reliable partner for your cannabis manufacturing journey. We’re dedicated to providing innovative products with integrity, ensuring every step you take in your business venture is supported with trust and excellence.

Whether you find yourself drawn to the elegance of pure white cones or have a soft spot for the earthy, natural vibes of natural brown ones, we’re here, ready to roll right alongside you.

We’re not just committed, but excited to elevate your business, assure impeccable quality, and help curate smoking experiences that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Don’t forget, we have a dedicated Cone Sales Team that can help you select the ideal cone and paper types for your operation. All it takes is a quick phone call for our cone experts to give you a recommendation.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth comparison of bleached vs unbleached cones so you can make an informed decision when deciding which path to take for your operation.

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