STM Pre-Roll Automation: Gain a Strategic Advantage

pre-roll automation

Lower Your Processing Costs and Optimize Your Business with STM

As the global cannabis market continues to mature and evolve, industry players face a growing challenge: how to streamline their production processes, maximize efficiency, and minimize costs without compromising the quality of their products.

One of the best options to deal with these concerns is the adoption of cannabis pre-roll automation, particularly with STM Canna’s line-up of industrial-grade production machines via our One Tray Workflow!

Join us as we explore the numerous benefits of cannabis pre-roll automation and how STM Canna’s robust automation solutions can help businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive industry.

The Power of Pre-Roll Automation

Creating pre-rolled cannabis products has traditionally been a labor-intensive, time-consuming task that can lead to inconsistencies in quality. Automation offers a range of benefits that can significantly improve these issues.

Increased Efficiency: Automation reduces the manual labor required in pre-roll production. This enhanced efficiency can translate to a higher production volume, enabling businesses to meet growing market demand effectively and on time.

Improved Consistency: Automated pre-roll machines produce uniform products. Consistency in weight, shape, and density ensures a reliable customer experience, enhancing brand reputation.

Reduced Waste: With automation, the precision in filling and packing leads to minimal product waste, saving costs over time.

Labor Cost Savings: Reducing manual labor in production can lead to significant cost savings. It frees employees to engage in other essential tasks, driving overall business productivity.

The STM Canna Advantage

STM Canna, a leading provider of innovative cannabis processing solutions, offers a range of industrial-grade machines designed to optimize pre-roll production.

STM Cone Lander Pre-Rolled Cone Loader

STM Canna Cone Lander: The Cone Lander commercial cone loader functions independently to load your trays quickly and efficiently or better yet as part of STM Canna’s cost effective and scalable complete pre-roll automation workflow.

The RocketBox commercial pre-roll machine is designed with durability in mind and is engineered with industrial grade components and food grade materials.

STM Rocketbox 2.0 Pre-Roll Machine: This state-of-the-art machine is efficient, producing up to 453 pre-rolls in 3 minutes. It’s designed with a user-friendly interface, providing consistent results regardless of the operator’s experience level. It’s ideal for large-scale production.

mini rocketbox plus

STM Mini-RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine: Designed for smaller businesses, the Mini-RocketBox can process up to 143 pre-rolls in a cycle, providing the same consistency and precision as its larger counterpart but scaled down for more modest production needs.

atomic closer

STM Atomic Closer: The patented Atomic Closer is the only ultra compact and expandable modular pre roll closing machine available designed to incorporate the human touch for a true premium quality look and feel. 

commercial pre-roll scale the launchpad scale

STM Canna Launchpad: The Launchpad can accurately sort and weigh cannabis material, reducing time spent on manual sorting and contributing to the overall efficiency of the pre-roll process.

Each STM Canna machine boasts robust construction, easy maintenance, and consistent performance, making them a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis pre-roll automation has become a strategic necessity for businesses looking to scale, reduce costs, and improve product consistency. By leveraging STM Canna’s industrial-grade pre-roll machines, businesses can enhance their production process, cater to increased market demand, and build a sustainable, successful operation.

While the initial investment in cannabis pre roll automation may seem significant, the long-term benefits in efficiency, consistency, and cost-saving potential make it a viable, profitable decision for forward-thinking businesses. 

Embrace the Future with Industrial-Grade Machines

Embracing innovation is pivotal in the competitive landscape of the cannabis industry. STM Canna is not just a provider of high-quality industrial-grade pre-roll machines; it’s a partner that walks with you into the future of cannabis production. Their user-friendly and highly efficient machines are at the forefront of the industry, bringing about a transformative change that is making the traditional, labor-intensive process obsolete.

From the efficient Rocketbox 2.0 and Mini-RocketBox to the precision of the Launchpad scale, STM Canna’s machines are designed with the modern cannabis business in mind, making them a leading choice for startups and established businesses.

Build a Sustainable Canna-Business w/ STM

Sustainability is at the heart of long-term business success, and STM Canna’s robust pre roll automation solutions significantly contribute to this objective. The company’s emphasis on developing machines that are durable, easy to maintain, and deliver consistent performance significantly reduces the total cost of ownership, offering businesses a higher return on their investment.

Combined with the improved efficiency and product consistency that STM Canna’s machines offer, our pre-roll automation systems help businesses meet the demands of a growing customer base, retain customer loyalty, and ultimately strengthen their bottom line.

With STM Canna, businesses are investing in a machine and a comprehensive, cost-effective, and sustainable solution for their pre-roll production needs.

Invest in the future of cannabis production and enhanced pre roll automation w/ STM Canna. Open a chat with our sales team or visit the shop if you’re ready to buy!

Want to see how these amazing pre-roll automation systems work? Watch this quick video.