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Register for Our Live Demo – August 1st!

Are you looking to begin or expand your pre-rolled joint automation process? Look no further than STM Canna and our Live Demo. 

When choosing the equipment necessary to effectively meet your pre-roll quotas while maintaining quality and keeping labor costs down, it’s important to do as much research as possible and see the machines in action. 

Aug. 1st from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (PST), STM Canna is offering interested parties to do just that by  inviting everyone to a live demonstration of our One-Tray Workflow.

This live demo will take place from our headquarters in Spokane, Washington via Zoom.

Those who tune into the Live Demo will not only have an opportunity to learn about STM Canna’s equipment and ask questions, but they will also be offered an exclusive promotional code that can be used to get a discount on their next order. To receive a 10% discount, customers must have the demo promo code, place their order within 24 hours of the Live Demo, and pay within 3 days. For a 5% discount, customers with the demo promo code must place an order and make a payment within 7 days of the event.

What’s the Live Demo Going to Cover?

Led by pre-roll experts from customer services and sales teams, this presentation is open to anyone who is curious about how our machines function or has questions about their capabilities. Whether you’re an industry professional or simply intrigued by the world of pre-roll automation, this event is for you.

During the live demonstration, we will highlight the following Made-in-the-USA machines:

  1. Mini-RocketBox+: Witness the unparalleled efficiency and precision of this compact powerhouse that makes filling pre-rolled cones a breeze.
  2. LaunchPad Weighing Module: Experience the next level of accuracy as this versatile machine weighs each individual joint placed in one of its 72 scale cells.
  3. Cone Lander: Discover the perfect solution for consistently filling STM Canna 72-count trays with speed and precision, saving you time and resources.
  4. Atomic Closer: Unveil the final touch of perfection with this automated closing machine, ensuring high quality and professional looking dutch crown every time.

Preroll Sizes On Display at Our Live Demo

To enhance your experience, we have carefully selected 109mm ZigZag cones for the live demonstration, ensuring that you witness our machines’ capabilities with the highest quality pre-roll materials.

These live demos serve as an exceptional opportunity not only to observe the seamless operation of our machines but also to have your questions answered by our knowledgeable team. Gain invaluable insights into how our equipment can optimize your pre-roll production, enhance your efficiency, and boost your overall productivity.

Joining the live demonstration is simple. Just fill out our online form with your details, and a Zoom link will be sent directly to the provided email address. 

STM Canna is proud to pioneer the future of cannabis automation and we look forward to sharing our expertise with you during this live demonstration. Mark your calendars and be ready to embark on an incredible journey of innovation, precision, and efficiency.

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