Hemp & CBD Pre Rolls are Taking Over

hemp & cbd pre rolls

Have you been hearing about CBD pre rolls and the explosive growth this sector has been experiencing lately? The marijuana market is shifting dramatically post-pandemic, with more and more consumers opting for pre-rolled joints than almost all other available options. CBD pre rolls are convenient, reasonably priced, and are ready to share with friends by default!

It’s a new shift, and one that has many producers excited about the possibilities in the pre-roll market.

Hemp and CBD pre rolls are an accessible door for people who enjoy the mellowing effects of weed but want to skip out on some of the more intense side effects that come with it.

That being said, it’s definitely a new market. Many people have heard about CBD or seen it on the shelves of their local grocery store in the form of an oil or gummy, but actual CBD pre rolls? That’s a little bit more left field.

Even though there’s some skepticism around these new products, they are taking over, especially in Europe. And for CBD pre roll machine producers, it means an even broader market for equipping businesses to make their pre-rolls.

So, what’s the deal? What makes these little joints so popular? What even are CBD pre-rolls? And what could they mean for the future of the hemp industry?

We answer all that and more below, so let’s dive into this exciting niche in the industry and what it could mean for the future of CBD pre rolls

An In-Depth Look – CBD Pre Rolls

Pre-rolled joints are nothing new to the world. CBD pre-rolls, however, are a little bit fresher and carry with them some exciting attributes not found in your average bottle of CBD oil.

Before we go any further, let’s look at CBD itself for the uninitiated.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the hundreds of compounds found within marijuana. It’s a key player in medical marijuana, producing a calming effect without an explicit “high.”

While CBD is found in marijuana, CBD, as we have it, is traditionally derived from hemp, a close cousin to our multi-leafed friend.

CBD can also be developed in a lab, which is where we see the distinction between full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD contains nearly all the naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids in hemp. Therefore, hemp pre-rolls that are full flower will be full-spectrum.

The main benefit behind these kinds of pre-rolls is what experts call the “entourage effect.”

The theory goes that because full-spectrum CBD contains all of the chemical compounds found within CBD, your overall body and mind will benefit more from this form.

Full-spectrum CBD will contain a small percentage of THC, but it’s comparatively minute and won’t create any noticeable high (you can think of it like how kombucha has a small amount of alcohol in it).

Broad-spectrum CBD, on the other hand, is a much more isolated form of CBD. It contains a few extra cannabinoids, but other than that, it’s pretty basic in its makeup.

It won’t have the “entourage effect,” but overall, it could still be a beneficial form of CBD.

People are Going Crazy for CBD Pre Rolls

Outside of any potential health benefits they may have, CBD pre rolls are gaining a ton of traction.

Marijuana pre-rolls and pre-roll machines have already been gaining a massive amount of marketability lately, with pre-rolls being only outsold by whole marijuana flower.

In Europe, this is especially the case. Because THC has stricter regulations in nearly all European countries, people are turning to CBD joints as a recreational activity.

Whether they’re grabbing a beer after work or looking for a way to relax on the weekend, CBD hemp pre-rolls seem to be the tool for the job for most Europeans.

This popularity is not something to ignore, especially for marijuana and hemp growers.

With more and more consumers opting for hemp pre-rolls, it’s crucial to keep up with the oncoming demand.

CBD pre-roll machines are becoming more and more commonplace with European manufacturers, and it seems like this change is here to stay.

Challenges facing the CBD Pre Rolls Market

While CBD hemp pre-rolls are the new wave, these joints aren’t going entirely unobstructed in their popularity.

As mentioned before, these hemp pre-rolls are sweeping across the European market.

Are CBD Pre Rolls Legal?

Because of some recent strides in relaxing Europe’s previously strict laws regarding CBD, the industry has seen itself flourish nicely.

However, CBD pre rolls are still facing some challenges. This is primarily because most European countries require that CBD be extracted from industrial hemp to ensure that it only has 0.2% THC.

Some countries are even stricter, such as Norway and France, which have only legalized CBD isolate.

These hiccups in the industry is making things tricky for some producers of cbd hemp prerolls, but ultimately it’s a relatively small bump in the road.

As we said, the industry is snowballing, and more and more companies are looking towards cbd hemp flower pre rolls to help keep up with the demands of consumers.

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