Comparison: Mini Rocketbox Plus+ Pre Roll Machine & King Kone

King Kone

Manufacturers constantly strive to keep pace with an ever-growing market demand, and the machinery they employ plays a pivotal role in their success. Today, we compare two prominent machines in the budget-friendly sector of the industry: STM Canna’s Mini Rocketbox Plus+ and King Kone commercial pre-roll machines. When talking about pre-roll production – efficiency and consistency are paramount.

While both machines can be reliable assets, we’ll emphasize the myriad advantages of the Mini Rocketbox Plus+, which contrast with the King Kone.

MIni-RocketBox Commercial Pre-Roll Machine

Reliability: Building Trust Through Performance

When it comes to reliability, the Mini-Rocketbox Plus+ stands unrivaled. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and robust materials, this machine is all about longevity and unprecedented accuracy in pre-roll production.

On the other hand, the King Kone machine, although functional, may require frequent maintenance checks due to its admittedly less robust design.

Speed: Unmatched Throughput for Exponential Growth

Time is money in any business, and the Mini-Rocketbox Plus+ comprehends this fact perfectly.

Capable of producing up to 143 pre-rolls in just 60 seconds or less, this is a machine designed for businesses that envision scale.

While fast in its own right, King Kone does not quite match the Mini Rocketbox Plus+ when calculating throughput over an extended period. Their Amazon product page states their machine can have 169 pre-rolls per cycle, but they don’t have a concrete time frame for how long each cycle will take (3 minutes? 5 minutes? etc.).

Versatility: One Machine, Multiple Solutions

The Mini-Rocketbox Plus+ is not just a pre-roll machine; it’s a multi-functional marvel.

It can accommodate various sizes and types of cones with adaptable settings, making it a versatile choice for businesses with diverse product lines and multiple joint offerings (CBD hemp, infused, etc.).

King Kone is a more specialized machine, tailored mostly for the more popular and standard-sized pre-rolls such as “king size.”

Precision: Accuracy That Translates Into Quality

Precision is invaluable in an industry where even a minor mistake can result in a subpar product. The Mini-Rocketbox Plus+ is meticulously calibrated out of the factory to ensure your pre-rolls meet the highest quality standards.

This is another area where its cone-filling consistency is superior to the King Kone, which may require manual adjustments to achieve a similar level of precision.

User Experience: Simplifying Complex Processes

The Mini-Rocketbox Plus+ has an intuitive interface, making it accessible even for those who may not be technologically inclined. This easy-to-use nature is complemented by its ergonomic design.

While the King Kone’s user interface is functional, it lacks the simplicity and ease of use that the Mini Rocketbox Plus+ offers.

Cost Comparison: An Investment That Pays Dividends

Let’s address the elephant in the room—the price point difference. The Mini-Rocketbox Plus+ comes with a price tag of $6,600which may seem steep initially compared with King Kone’s $1,699.99

However, it’s essential to perceive this not merely as a cost but as an investment in your business’s future. Regarding pre-roll machines, the time-tested phrase “you get what you pay for” seems to hold. Quality materials and build design can make a big difference.

The ROI becomes increasingly apparent when you factor in the speed, reliability, versatility, and precision that the Mini Rocketbox Plus+ can offer your operation.

With its capacity to scale your pre-roll production line easily, this machine pays for itself in the long run. So, when you see the difference in price tags, make sure you also factor in the longevity of the two systems.

If you think you’ll need even higher production capability than what we’ve described with the Mini-Rocketbox Plus+, you’ll be pleased to know that we have the Rocketbox 2.0, designed for high-volume joint production requirements. Stay tuned for some exciting news, as we’re working on releasing another amazing machine in late 2023!

Final Thoughts on the Mini Rocketbox Plus+ vs. King Kone

The Mini-Rocketbox Plus+ and the King Kone commercial pre-roll machines are both capable machines that serve their purpose. However, your choice becomes abundantly clear if you’re in the market for an industrial-grade machine that meets and exceeds industry standards in almost every conceivable metric.

The Mini-Rocketbox Plus+ is not just a machine; it’s a long-term partner in your success. Invest in one (or more machines) today and watch your pre-roll production skyrocket to unprecedented heights! 

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