Our “One Tray Workflow” Increases Productivity for Pre Roll Producers of All Sizes

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For business owners and entrepreneurs in the pre roll joint space, increasing your production output becomes crucial as your company begins to grow.

However, simply hiring a few more employees to grind, roll, weigh, and pack your joints gets expensive fast. It might seem a necessary price to pay, but it’s definitely a steep price. Especially when you factor in problems that could arise along the way, such as human error in the joint rolling and weighing process, growing the size of your company may feel more like a risk than the exciting opportunity it’s supposed to be.

There is an alternative to this dilemma, and it comes in the form of commercial pre roll machines. STM Canna’s line of pre roll machines and joint packing devices offer a way to continue the lateral growth of your budding cannabis business without worrying about breaking the bank. Compared to the continual cost of hiring more and more employees as the company grows, the one-time cost of investing in a pre roll machine could be the best move for your business.

The “One Tray Workflow” – STM Canna’s Answer to the Pre Roll Dilemma

An automated pre roll machine can be an awesome way to take your cannabis company to the next level. However, STM Canna offers something beyond that: its “One Tray Workflow” production model.

This model offers a fast, simple process to grind, roll, weigh, and pack your joints. The best part? It cuts down on costs, all while increasing the consistency and quality of your product. A combination like that is hard to beat, but it all starts with assembling a dream team of cannabis pre roll devices.

To start us off, the “One Tray Workflow” begins with the Revolution 2.0 Grinder. This grinder employs a low heat, low friction approach to its grinding. Instead of mashing the cannabis up and risking the loss of terpenes and cannabinoids, the gentle grind preserves the flavor and quality of the weed.

From there, the weed can be packed into one of STM Canna’s commercial pre roll machines (where the “one tray” begins its life cycle).

The RocketBox 2.0, one of the leading automated pre roll machines on the market, is fitted with a tray loaded with cones. Using gravity and vibrations to evenly and quickly pack the weed into the cones, the RocketBox 2.0 can produce up to 25,000 pre-packed joints daily.

The tray moves on from the automated pre roll machine to the quality-assurance side of things: STM Canna’s LaunchPad Scale. By placing the tray onto the scale, the LaunchPad can quickly and accurately measure the weight of each individual joint.

If one joint is off, the monitor will identify exactly which one so you can adjust as needed.

Finally, the “one tray” ends its journey at the Atomic Closer. This pre roll packer not only instantly seals your joints but also adds a unique flare by incorporating a Dutch Crown top (as opposed to just twisting off the end).

This ultra-compact pre roll closing machine is the only one designed on the market to incorporate this kind of human touch, giving your pre-rolls a quality seal and a high level of packaging.

From there, your pre-rolls can be packed up and sent off, and the “One Tray Workflow” can start over again. This model focuses on efficiency and higher production output, which can help you cut unnecessary costs out of your cannabis business.

Commercial Pre Roll Machines – Get Set Up with the “One Tray Workflow”

If you’re a business owner in the cannabis market and are keen on upping not only the scale of your production but also the quality, the “One Tray Workflow” may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

At STM Canna, we planned and worked diligently to build a line of premium devices that could be flexible for multiple different companies, all while offering the essentials of any good pre roll business. Our pre roll machines are built with industrial-grade components and food-grade materials, ensuring you get a quality machine that can live and grow with your business.

Our machines are capable of helping you construct the highest quality kief infused pre rolls, 1 gram pre rolls, half-gram pre-rolls (dogwalker pre rolls), king-size, and more. The world is your oyster with our one-tray workflow, you can create any size joint you want to offer.

Looking to take that next step your company needs? Check out STM Canna’s available promos to save on our automated pre roll machines. Not only will you be able to cut costs and decrease labor by investing in a solid joint rolling machine, but you’ll also be able to save some additional money on top of that.

If you’re curious to learn more about the specifics of our machines, connect with us on LinkedIn! We’d love to talk more about our products with you and help get you set up to see your cannabis business flourish.

We have a dedicated sales team standing by, waiting to answer any burning questions you have! Don’t hesitate to touch base with us, even if you’re not ready to get started right away. We understand that this is a large investment, but one that will likely pay dividends for your company for years to come.