STM Canna Launches the RocketBox Pro: Meeting the Needs of Industrial-Scale Producers and Co-Packers/White Label

RocketBox Pro

STM Canna, the leader in delivering cutting-edge solutions to the cannabis industry, is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation, the RocketBox Pro. This newest addition to their One-Tray Workflow collection of modular machines is designed to cater to the demands of high-volume production of pre-rolls. 

The RocketBox Pro utilizes STM Canna 72 or 143-count trays, enabling clients to produce an impressive range of 360 to 715 filled joints within a single 60-90-second operational cycle.

This high-volume output empowers cannabis producers to meet the surging demand for pre-rolls with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness.

Building upon the success of the Mini-RocketBox+ and RocketBox 2.0, the RocketBox Pro employs a straightforward yet highly effective direct funneling mechanism that ensures the precise filling of material into empty cones.

Equipped with five autonomous filling stations controlled via an intuitive control panel, the RocketBox Pro allows operators to effortlessly adjust the heights in each filling station to accommodate various cone sizes and strains. The machine also comes pre-configured with presets tailored for 84mm, 98mm, and 109mm cone sizes. “We’re thrilled to introduce the RocketBox Pro, an innovative solution that empowers our customers to fill multiple sizes and strains simultaneously,” Chief Operating Officer of STM Canna Erik Blackerby said. “This innovation not only enhances efficiency but also exemplifies our commitment to revolutionizing the cannabis industry through cutting-edge technology.”

Industry Reports Growth

Recent industry reports indicate substantial year-over-year growth in the pre-roll market. Experts like Harrison Bard of Custom Cones USA predict that pre-rolls will become the top-selling product in the cannabis industry by 2030. With the RocketBox Pro, STM Canna is strategically positioned to capitalize on this growing trend. This state-of-the-art machine blends speed, precision, and reliability to deliver an unparalleled pre-roll production experience. Its advanced technology ensures consistent quality and uniformity, meeting the high standards demanded by both producers and consumers.

STM Canna CEO Jason Dueweke added, “At STM Canna, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of excellence in cannabis processing. The RocketBox Pro stands as a testament to this commitment. Designed and engineered in the USA for high-output facilities, the RocketBox Pro is the solution for any business planning to elevate their pre-roll production to the next level.”

STM Canna invites industry professionals to experience the RocketBox Pro firsthand at the upcoming MJBizCon in Las Vegas (Booth 4008), where the machine will be showcased from Nov. 28 to Dec. 1.

The STM Canna team will be available to provide demonstrations and address any questions regarding this groundbreaking innovation.

Get More Information on RocketBox Pro

For more information about the RocketBox Pro, please contact our sales team at

STM Canna Corp., established in 2017, has remained the cannabis industry’s most trusted supplier of commercial pre-roll machines and bespoke cannabis grinders. With a clientele spanning 39 U.S. states and numerous international markets, the corporation is the preferred partner for a range of businesses, from small producers to the world’s largest and most well-known hemp and marijuana brands.

STM Canna’s latest product launch, the STM Atomic Closer, redefined industry standards by providing the best automated pre-roll machine capabilities available on the market.

All STM Canna equipment is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S., with industry-leading quality and exceptional customer service.

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