Zig Zag Pre-Roll Cones + STM Canna Equipment = Perfect Match

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Quality is a cornerstone principle deeply entrenched at STM Canna, whether in our equipment or the pre-roll cones we use with them.

From the precision-crafted pre-roll automation equipment to the unparalleled customer support we extend, the pursuit of delivering quality remains our daily commitment. This commitment to quality also applies to the products used with our machines. When operating professional-quality equipment, it only makes sense to use professional-quality pre-roll cones.

“At STM Canna, we test all major cone brands for compatibility with our One-Tray Workflow System and recommend the brands we find to work best for smooth and efficient pre-roll production,” STM Canna Consumables Account Manager Cameron Gibbons explained. “Out of all the major cone brands tested, STM’s experts rate Zig Zag as their #1 recommended pre-roll cones and trust their 100+ year expertise on producing rolling papers.”

Zig Zag Pre-Roll Cones: An Established & Trusted Brand

Among the various brands available in the cannabis world, Zig Zag emerges as the resounding choice of STM Canna’s experts.

Prominently underlying STM’s endorsement of Zig Zag cones is the consistency in their exceptional quality. With any pre-roll machine, it is vital to utilize perfectly round cones with little to no abnormalities. This ensures the operational success of any pre-roll machine- STM Canna equipment included.

“Zig Zag has proven time and time again they can provide such a cone, which is why the STM team uses them every day,” Gibbons added.

Failure to use quality weed cones in good condition can lead to inconsistent fills and even equipment malfunctions in extreme cases. This is why STM Canna provides only the best for their clients.

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In proudly showcasing the Zig Zag brand, STM Canna offers a comprehensive array of sizes (70mm, 84mm, 98mm, and 109mm) and paper types (Unbleached Brown or Ultra Thin White). This assortment ensures a uniform product when used with STM Canna equipment and the creation of joints with optimal thickness- culminating in a superior smoking experience. 

For a limited time, those seeking to begin or expand their pre-roll automation journey are encouraged to take advantage of STM Canna’s Mini-Bundle promotion. This limited-time deal includes a Mini-RocketBox+, a Mini-Revolution Grinder, and your choice of 10,000 Zig Zag pre roll cones bulk cones.

Built like a tank, the patented Mini-RocketBox+ commercial pre-roll machine is the industry leader, which combines power, efficiency, and versatility to maximize pre-roll production output.

Despite its smaller size, the Mini-RocketBox+ can produce up to 72 – 143 pre-rolls per 60 seconds or less, making it a highly efficient option for businesses with moderate production needs. The machine’s small footprint also makes it ideal for businesses with limited space or those looking for a more portable solution.

In that same vein, The Mini-Revolution industrial cannabis grinder is designed to meet your needs without taking up a significant amount of space in a work area.

How About a Bundle?

With STM Canna’s #1 recommended cone and the Mini-Bundle, you’ll have the tools to hit the ground running and produce a high-quality, premium joint for your customers. 

Are you in need of more weed cones for pre-roll production? STM Canna always ensures that we are stocked and ready to ship. STM Canna has a lead time of 7-10 days on all Zig Zag products, so you can keep production rolling without any delays.

STM Canna’s even offers branded custom pre-roll cones to help your business stand out with your logo or design printed on them- making them an excellent marketing tool.

For more information on the Mini-Bundle, STM Canna equipment, or pre-roll cones in bulk, contact our sales team at (509) 204-3165, email sales@stmcanna.com, or visit stmcanna.com/contact.

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