STM’s Guide to 84mm Cones for Pre-rolls (1 1/4″)

84mm cones

Understanding the Basics

What is an 84mm Cone? Also known as 1 1/4″ conessimply put, are pre-shaped rolling papers. The size refers to the length of the cone from the filter to the tip, which is approximately 3.3 inches. This size is often considered the “standard” in pre-rolls, closely resembling the size of traditional hand-rolled joints. 

The Popularity of 84mm Cones 

The 84mm or 1 1/4″ cone size has several advantages that have contributed to its popularity: 

  • Ideal Size: The 1 1/4″ cone is just the right size for a satisfying but not overwhelming experience. It’s neither too long nor too short, making it a preferred choice for both novices and experienced users. 
  • Ease of Filling: 84mm cones are relatively easy to fill compared to smaller or larger sizes due to their size. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that need to produce large quantities of pre-rolls efficiently. 
  • Standardized Experience: Because of their standard size, 84mm cones offer a consistent experience. Users know exactly what they’re getting, which promotes brand loyalty and repeat customers. 

Material and Quality Considerations for 84mm Cones 

The quality of the cone directly influences the taste, burn rate, and overall user experience. When selecting 1 1/4″ cones, consider the following: 

  1. Material: Most 1 1/4″ cones are made from wood pulp, hemp, or rice paper. Each material burns at a different rate and can subtly influence the taste. 
  2. Thickness: The thickness of the paper affects the burn rate. Thinner papers burn slower and usually provide a smoother taste. 

How to Fill 1 1/4″ Cones with the Rocketbox 2.0

Filling cones, particularly the popular 1 1/4″ or 84mm size, can be laborious if done by hand. Commercial pre-roll machines, such as the Rocketbox 2.0 from STM Canna, can greatly enhance efficiency and consistency for larger production runs.

The Rocketbox 2.0 is a premier commercial pre-roll machine designed to streamline and optimize the filling process. It allows for accurate filling of a large number of 1 1/4″ cones swiftly, significantly reducing the time and labor required with hand filling.

To fill 1 1/4″ cones using the Rocketbox 2.0, you start by preparing the machine. This involves ensuring it’s clean and setting the vibration levels according to the density and grind of your material. Afterward, your 84mm cones are loaded into the cone slots in the machine’s tray.

Once the cones are positioned, the ground material is evenly distributed across the tray, ensuring it covers all the cones. The Rocketbox 2.0 uses its advanced vibrational technology to fill each cone to the desired level evenly.

The machine’s precision ensures that each cone is filled consistently, providing a standardized product and user experience. Furthermore, Rocketbox 2.0’s ability to fill up to 453 pre-rolls in a mere two minutes makes it an excellent choice for businesses needing to produce large quantities quickly and efficiently.

The Rocketbox 2.0 not only accelerates the production process but all but guarantees you’re producing a quality product, making it a valuable tool for any business in the pre-roll industry. Watch a complete demonstration on how the Rocketbox 2.0 functions.

Packaging and Storing 84mm Cones

Proper packaging and storage of pre-rolls can significantly impact their quality and longevity. Consider airtight containers to prevent contamination and degradation. Heat, light, and air exposure can degrade your pre-rolls over time. 

Custom Branding for 1 1/4″ Cones

Custom branding is an excellent way for businesses to differentiate themselves. We offer custom printing on the filter tips, allowing for unique branding opportunities. 

Understanding the ins and outs of custom 84mm cones, is crucial for anyone in the pre-roll industry. They are popular due to their ideal size, ease of use, and consistency. 

By paying attention to product quality and using proper storage techniques, businesses can use 84mm pre rolled cones to provide a truly premium smoking experience for consumers. Remember, custom branding offers a great opportunity to stand out in an increasingly competitive market and differentiate yourself from your competition.

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