Thanks for a Successful MJBiz 2019!

MJBiz 2019 was crazy! There was over 40,000 attendees and our booth was packed continuously.  Thanks to everyone who came out to our booth to see the brand new Mini RocketBox as well as our Revolution Grinder and the 453 RocketBox.  At MJBiz 2019, STM Canna had our...

Brand New STM Product Spotted in NYC

STM has some big surprises on the way and continuing through 2020.  Recently spotted on the streets of NYC last week, was a brand new STM product.  STM Canna was attending the NYC Arcview Investor conference and gave a sneak peak to those in attendance.  If you are...

STM Canna to Attend Arcview Summit in NYC

STM Canna will be well represented at the Arcview "Evolution of Cannabis:2020" investor summit October 2nd-4th, 2019 in New York City.  This is an invaluable opportunity to network with industry leading companies, investors and entrepreneurs.  STM will showcase our...

Cannacribs - Episode 8

Growers House popular YouTube series “Cannacribs” which features cannabis companies around the world is now LIVE.  The latest Episode 8 features the all-new STM RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine.  You can watch the STM RocketBox segment here:  Cannacribs Episode 8 featuring the STM RocketBox

Summer 2019 Issue Featuring the All-New STM Revolution

STM Canna has two products in the Cannabis & Tech Today top 20 innovative cannabis products recommended for 2019. 

Cannacribs - Episode 7

Growers House popular YouTube series “Cannacribs” which features cannabis companies around the world is now LIVE.  The latest Episode 7 features the all-new STM RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine.  You can watch the STM RocketBox segment here:  Cannacribs Episode 7 featuring the STM RocketBox

MJBiz Talks PodCast

The rapid pace of growth in the cannabis industry is being boosted by equally rapid advancements in technology to support the different segments within the industry.

To capitalize on innovation, companies must make sure that those innovations are meeting a need for the industry, said Aaron Ray and Jason Duweke, CEO and COO of  STM Canna – and our guests on this episode of News & Views.

Marijuana Business Magazine

Marijuana Business Magazine’s February 2019 issue article “Roll Away” featured the STM Canna RocketBox pre-roll machine.

“Since putting the RocketBox into the market in early 2018, STM Canna has garnered around 100+ cannabis and helped customers in the United States and Canada including Canndescent, Curaleaf, Green Thumb Industries, Aphria and Organigram.”

MJBiz Magazine 10 Killer Technologies

In this issue, we look at “10 Killer Technologies” in the marijuana space. Not the “10 Best Technologies,” but engineering feats that represent the spirit of innovation, high-level science and entrepreneurship sweeping through today’s marijuana industry. Many companies could have made this list.  The STM RocketBox Pre-Roll Machine made the cut.

Top 20 Cannabis Products For 2019 with STM Canna

STM Canna has two products in the Cannabis & Tech Today top 20 innovative cannabis products recommended for 2019. 

Growers Spotlight: Human Resources with STM Canna

In this 5 Minute Growers Spotlight, we interviewed Aaron Ray, CEO of STM Canna about his experience managing individuals and relationships with other companies in Human Resources with STM Canna.  

We thank our interviewees for their time and effort so we can continue our exclusive Growers Spotlight service.

The Marijuana Show Season 3 with STM Canna

The Marijuana Show, the cannabis version of Shark Tank, featured STM Canna on Season 3 which was released in late 2018 on Amazon Prime.  The critically acclaimed television show has over 250 million press reach, over $20 million in investment funding offered to contestants, three full seasons, and distribution on Amazon Prime with projected millions of views. 

Hot Off the Press with STM

In an unassuming building, stashed away on Market Street in North Spokane, a new company is taking root.

Sesh-Technologies Manufacturing (STM Canna) — headquartered in Spokane, with a second location in Denver — is making its mark on the cannabis technology market, offering a commercial-grade “rosin” press that extracts cannabis concentrates simply through heat and pressure.

Sesh Technologies Provides Solutions

With the explosion of the cannabis industry, more companies are springing up to meet the ever-advancing needs of growers, producers and consumers.

One company is Sesh Technologies (STM Canna), a Spokane start-up that began when a grower asked friend Jason Dueweke, if he could create something that could press more rosin than what was currently on the market. 

3 Lessons From a Year in the Cannabusiness

At the time of this writing, I have spent over a year in the cannabis industry. My first experience came in February 2017, coinciding with the launch of Sesh Technologies Manufacturing. Since that launch, I have seen the company grow exponentially, making appearances at major cannabis events and releasing revolutionary products such as the STM RocketBox and STM Rosin Press.

VIDEO: Cannabis & Tech Today Interviews STM Canna's CEO Aaron Ray

Cannabis & Tech Today magazine had the great opportunity to talk with STM Canna CEO Aaron Ray about their latest cannabis processing equipment: the Rosin Press 4.0 and RocketBox pre-rolled joint filling machine at MJBizConNEXT.

VIDEO: Over 453 Joints Rolled In Under 2 - STM RocketBox at WebJoint LA 2018

Watch as Jon Nelson from STM Canna and WebJoint Co-Founder & CEO, Chris Dell’Olio demonstrate the incredible STM Canna RocketBox machine that packs over 453 pre-rolled joints in about 2 minutes!

VIDEO: Webjoint and the STM 4.0 Rosin Press

WebJoint (Cannabis Software Company based out of Los Angeles, California) CEO and Co-Founder Chris Dell’Olio and Jon Nelson from STM presses his flower into rosin using STM Canna’s state of the art Rosin Press 4.0 within their mobile processing.

VIDEO: STM Canna's RocketBox at Phat Panda in Washington State

STM Canna delivers, sets up and trial runs the innovative and efficient RocketBox, able to fill and pack 453 pre-rolled joints in 2-3 minutes.  The RocketBox is a commercial grade unit with food grade components, touch screen controlled, fast, efficient and accurate.

VIDEO: STM Delivers the RocketBox to Phat Panda/Grow Op in WA State

Jon and Erik from STM visit the incredible Phat Panda facility in Washington State to deliver, set-up, do some test runs and train their staff to use the innovative and efficient STM Canna RocketBox machine which fills and packs over 453 joints in about 2 minutes!

Sesh Technologies grows with cannabis industry

As the cannabis industry continues its rapid expansion, manufacturing companies across the country are clamoring to develop new technologies to meet the needs of growers, producers & consumers.  The STM Rosin Press 4.0 is a game changer in the industry.

The RocketBox is setting the standard for pre-roll machines which allows us to provide the best product on the market. Thanks for the great service and support!”  

Steve Yuzzi, Appalachian Growers, NC


Spokane, WA 99207